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3 ways an attorney can help victims of a car accident

There are many things that need to be done in the aftermath of a car accident. Police need to be called; insurance companies need to be notified; medical attention must be secured. In the midst of all these tasks it can be enormously difficult to get you and your family back on solid ground.

Do you know the facts about distracted driving?

Texting while driving is currently banned in 46 states, including Georgia, and Georgia also bans all handheld and hands-free cell phone use for bus drivers and novice drivers. These prohibitions are in place for good reason, but they were a long time coming, and more needs to be done to raise awareness around the dangers of distracted driving.

Could self-driving cars mean the end of car accidents?

One of the first questions that people have in the aftermath of a car accident is, "Who is to blame?" To answer this question, there may need to be a thorough investigation into cellphone records, witness statements, road conditions and other sources of information.

Could the maker of your car parts be liable for damages?

After a car accident, it is quite natural for victims to look at the other driver and ask what he or she did to cause the accident. Assigning blame can't undo an accident, but it can be crucial should accident victims want to pursue compensation for financial, physical and property damage that has been suffered.

Could conflict of interests at NHTSA be linked to crashes?

Driving safely doesn't necessarily begin and end with motorists. Of course operating a vehicle in the safest way possible can be the best way for an individual driver to prevent a crash, but there are a number of people who also make decisions that affect motorist safety in Georgia and nationwide.

Can I still file a lawsuit after a crash if I was at fault?

There are typically many factors involved in car crashes. In many cases, there is one main factor, such as distraction or speed, which appears to be the immediate cause of a crash. However, there may be several other factors involved that can determine how or if a victim will be able to pursue compensation for injuries.

Injured in a pedestrian accident? Compensation can be crucial

An accident can happen in the blink of an eye. The time between a driver's realization that a collision is imminent and the collision itself is almost nothing, and victims of these accidents may never even see the crash coming. This can often be the case in pedestrian accidents.

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