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Are we addicted to distracted driving?

Every driver should know that texting and driving is dangerous. However, spend just a little time on the road and you will undoubtedly see several drivers glancing down at their phones as they drift out of their lane or typing away on their phones at a stop light. We know we shouldn't do it, so why do so many drivers continue to use their phone while driving?

Pedestrian safety: it's not a game

Motorists are not the only people who can get seriously injured in a crash on Georgia roads. Pedestrians, bicyclists and others who are in the street and on sidewalks can also be involved. And because of their lack of protection, they are often the most severely injured.

Study examines link between night shifts and drowsy driving

Imagine how you feel after a night of not getting enough sleep at night. You can feel anxious, foggy, cranky and just generally out of sorts. Even when you drink a lot of coffee or do whatever you can to stay awake, the moment you slow down and rest, your body often goes right back to craving the rest it missed out on.

Study reveals surprising cause of distraction while driving

Every driver in Georgia should know that using a cellphone to talk, text, write a social media status update or read an email is distracting if you do it while you are driving. We also know that eating, grooming, reaching for something in the backseat or trying to figure out a navigation system can also be distracting.

Why would a driver leave the scene of an accident?

After a motor vehicle accident, the people involved are supposed to stop, assess the damage and call police or an ambulance if necessary. Information should be exchanged and people should check to make sure others are okay. Unfortunately, this cannot happen if a driver involved in the crash fails to stop.

This holiday, be thankful for safe drivers

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family. For many of us, getting together to celebrate requires at least a little bit of traveling. In fact, according to estimates by AAA, more than 45 million people in the U.S. have plans to travel for Thanksgiving; most of them plan to travel by car.

Device designed to block cellphone use while driving

Every driver in Georgia should understand that we are expected to be safe and attentive when driving. Unfortunately, with the widespread use of cellphones these days, many people fail to recognize the fact that using a cellphone while driving can make a driver dangerous and distracted behind the wheel.

Digging through the debris to find cause of wrong-way crashes

Wrong-way car accidents can be some among the most devastating types of collisions on Georgia roads. To begin with, these accidents often happen late at night, at high speeds and on highways. These factors mean that by the time a driver figures out that another vehicle is heading directly at them, it can be too late to do anything to avoid the crash.

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