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Six injuries reported in multi-vehicle accident in GA

According to law enforcement officials, six people were injured in a three-vehicle collision that took place in Dougherty County. The incident occurred on the morning of April 3 on Sylvester Road. The vehicles involved in the car accident were a Chevrolet Tahoe, a Ford Taurus and a Chevrolet Silverado. Investigators stated that the Tahoe was traveling south on County Line Road and was crossing Sylvester Road when it struck the driver's side of the Taurus. The Taurus had been traveling east on Sylvester Road at the time. The Tahoe then struck the Silverado, which was stopped at a stop sign on County Line Road. The Tahoe rolled over as a result of this car accident. Two passengers in the Taurus and four in the Tahoe were injured, but the severity of their injuries was not known. Law enforcement officials have charged the Tahoe's driver with failure to yield.

Man on way to DUI school hits crossing guard, breaking his ankle

Crossing guards in Georgia often have a thankless job. When they do everything they're supposed to, nothing happens: kids arrive at school as planned. When things go wrong, however, they can go very wrong: speeding drivers can turn an otherwise bucolic scene into a nightmare. Crossing guards have to put themselves in harm's way all the time when they do their jobs. An inattentive or negligent driver can do some real damage to a basically defenseless crossing guard.

Woman killed when truck hits her SUV, pushes vehicle into bus

As we have written on this blog in the last several weeks about car accidents in the Atlanta area, it is apparent that many accidents are caused when people are unprepared for conditions that arise. This may be because a driver is distracted; a cell phone call or an argumentative passenger can mean that an unexpected hazard in the road could lead to an accident.

Investigation continues into I-16 crash

Massive pileups on the freeway are an infrequent sight, but when they happen, they can be catastrophic. One such accident took place on a local Georgia highway recently. I-16 turned into what sum originally described as 'a war zone' with the fiery consequences and explosions that followed the accident.

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