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How the ban on texting and driving is affecting safety

Imagine you are driving home after a long day at work. You pull onto the road and are quickly surrounded by other cars, all being driven by people eager to get home. Now imagine letting go of the wheel and closing your eyes for five seconds. In that span of time, traffic could come to a stop ahead of you; you could drift into another lane and sideswipe another vehicle; or you could fail to see someone crossing the road.

What you can do after an accident with a potentially drunk driver

Getting injured in any motor vehicle accident can be painful and devastating. Whether there are physical injuries, property damage or -- as is often the case -- both, victims can be dealing with a very stressful situation after a crash. The causes of or reasons for an accident are not always immediately clear in the aftermath of the event, but there may be some ways for people to determine if a crash was caused by a driver who is intoxicated.

Memorial Day weekend accidents increase significantly in Georgia

While many people were relaxing and enjoying the long holiday weekend, those who were on the roads across Georgia may have had a much more upsetting Memorial Day. According to recent reports, there were 17 people killed in motor vehicle accidents this past weekend. Sadly, this is a dramatic increase in the number of fatalities that occurred last year during the same time when six people were killed.

Georgia woman cited for DUI after serious accident

The aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be absolute chaos. There are often multiple emergency response vehicles dispatched to the area. Debris is likely scattered across the roadway causing traffic jam while bystanders may be gathering to see what happened. And authorities may be conducting sobriety tests on a driver. 

Did fatigue, alcohol or distraction contribute to Georgia crash?

It was a tragic scene early in the morning when a young woman got a flat tire on I-20 in Georgia recently. She had pulled off to the side of the road and had called two male friends to come and help her. It was still more than two hours before the sun came up, but her two friends came to the woman's aid. As they were changing the rear tire on the driver's side of the vehicle, however, a pickup truck came by and struck both of the men.

Police: Drunk driver was also texting before accident

Drivers across Georgia should be aware that drunk driving is one of, if not the most, deadly behaviors in which a driver can engage behind the wheel. A drunk driver makes risky, unpredictable decisions and often has slower reflexes as a result of alcohol impairment. Accidents caused by a drunk driver are far too common. In fact, a person is injured in a drunk driving accident roughly every two minutes.

Two students on their way to school involved with semi collision

Georgia drivers involved in an accident may be able to find out in a hurry just how fast expenses can pile up. Two North Oconee High School students were injured Aug. 15 when their Nissan Altima was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer. The Georgia State Patrol reported the Nissan driver, a 17-year-old Bogart resident, was traveling eastbound on Georgia Highway 53 at 8 a.m. While trying to turn left into the school parking lot he collided with the semi, which was traveling westbound.

Multi-vehicle crash in Atlanta kills one person

One person died in a multi-car wreck earlier this month on the Downtown Connector in central Atlanta. The deadly crash began when a Jeep Compass hit a retaining wall on the highway, veered back onto the roadway and came to a halt in the middle of a travel lane on the Downtown Connector. Three vehicles stopped to avoid hitting the Jeep, police said. A fourth vehicle, a Volvo X90, did not stop for the other vehicles in the lane. The Volvo crashed into the rear of a Kia Forte, killing a passenger in the front seat of the Kia.

Georgia officers take part in annual Zero Tolerance campaign

Law enforcement agencies across Georgia have once again joined a nationwide crackdown against drunk driving for the July 4 holiday. According to CBS Atlanta, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety says that this widely-celebrated holiday means getting out on the roads is more dangerous. With this in mind, police agencies across Georgia have launched their annual Operation Zero Tolerance campaign, which runs through July 7.

NTSB asks Georgia to consider BAC level reduction

A new recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board may have Georgia legislators considering changes to the current blood alcohol content level laws. The NTSB, in an effort to reduce drunk driving deaths, has asked states to consider lowering their current legal BAC levels from .08 percent down by nearly half to .05 percent. This move comes as part of NTSB's overall plan to reduce alcohol-related driving deaths; which account for about one-third of all car fatalities.

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