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Why were bike and pedestrian deaths increasing?

Pedestrian and bicycle safety is a pressing matter, but when you hear the phrase "road safety" it is unlikely that bikes and pedestrians are the first thing that comes to mind. You will likely immediately think about car accidents, truck accidents, mass transit accidents, and other vehicles that use gasoline and are powered by mechanical motors. And yet, bicycle and pedestrian deaths made up nearly 18 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2015.

Get legal help after a fatal car accident

Driving has become one of those tasks that is akin to brushing your teeth or doing laundry. Everyone knows how to do it, and the mundane nature of the task means you usually do it on autopilot. But with driving, the monotony of the task can be deadly. Driving is a dangerous action in and of itself, and it becomes even more dangerous when the driver isn't paying attention, or is fatigued, or is in an altered mental state making it more difficult to safely operate a vehicle.

Car accident deaths have been increasing in Georgia since 2014

When someone dies in a car accident, it is tragic. Their loved ones will feel emotional pain and they will grieve for a long time to come. All of these feelings are amplified if the accident in question occurred under negligent circumstances. To know that someone has died in an accident is one thing -- but to know it happened because someone else was being reckless or dangerous with no regard for your loved one's safety is another thing entirely.

Your Actions May Influence a Potential Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits filed over food poisoning are sometimes straightforward. Maybe there was a mass case of food poisoning, and you can clearly point to a particular business as the cause of your illness. However, this isn't always the case.

Inaction can be just as devastating as dangerous actions

Any situation that ends in someone's death is one that should be examined very closely in order to determine what or who contributed to the loss. Not only can this provide critical answers for the victim's loved ones, but it can also help establish who can be held accountable for the death.

Complications of identifying negligent party after wrongful death

Identifying negligence after fatal accident can be enormously frustrating for loved ones coping with the loss. To begin with, the negligent party will often be hesitant or refuse to take responsibility for actions or inaction that contributed to a death, which can make it difficult to get full, accurate answers. It can also be a challenge to determine who is actually liable for the conditions that lead to a fatal accident.

Weighing your legal options after a wrongful death

Most people are unprepared for life after the loss of a loved one. They don't know how they will take care of their home and bills without their partner or supporter; they don't know how to explain the loss to the children; often, they don't understand their legal rights, either.

Wheelchair users at higher risk of fatal injuries as pedestrians

In the event of a crash between a car and a person, it will be the pedestrian who suffers the greatest amount of injury. This is not surprising, considering the fact that people outside of vehicles are much more exposed and vulnerable than car occupants.

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