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Recovery continues for Tracy Morgan, victim of truck accident

While it is true that an accident can happen in the blink of an eye, the recovery process after a crash typically lasts much longer. Victims of an accident can experience physical and emotional trauma can linger on years after an crash, and in some cases, injuries can be permanent or fatal. 

Comedian Tracy Morgan seriously injured in fatal truck accident

A truck driver from Georgia is at the center of a tragic accident that occurred over the weekend and resulted in numerous injuries and a fatality. The crash has grabbed the national spotlight, as well-known comedian Tracy Morgan was one of the victims injured in the accident.

Possible trucking violations that can contribute to crashes

Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious damage and injuries for victims. However, these crashes can be much more severe and complicated when one of the vehicles involved is a commercial-sized truck. Due to the size of these vehicles, they take longer to stop and can easily crush smaller vehicles upon impact. 

Electronic devices for trucks could prevent fatigued driving

Many of us have had those days at work when we might not have gotten enough sleep and feel drowsy or fatigued. We may make some mistakes when sending an email or lose focus during a long meeting. Sleepiness can seriously affect job performance. In general, however, we are not putting other people's lives in danger by working while tired.

New regulations aimed at shutting down unsafe truck companies

Commercial-sized vehicles can be among the most dangerous vehicles on the road because of their size, weight and power. They can pose an enormous threat to other motorists if they are involved in a crash because even minor collisions can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries for the victims. That is why it is crucial that buses and trucks are operated safely and that drivers and company owners stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Georgia truck accident results in serious injuries

In the matter of just a few seconds, a person's life can be turned upside down if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Not only can property be damaged in a crash, but people's lives and wellbeing can be damaged as well. And when an accident involves a large, powerful commercial-sized vehicle, the damage that is done can be catastrophic. 

Report: Fatal truck crash caused by distracted trucker

Drivers across Atlanta should know how dangerous it is to get distracted by a cellphone behind the wheel. There are extensive marketing and educational campaigns that have been launched that remind motorists to put down the phone and focus on driving. However, too many people still take the risk of checking Facebook or sending a text when they are driving. Not only could they be breaking a law, but they could also be putting lives in danger.

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