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Brain Injuries May Affect Females Differently Than Males

A recent study found that the effects female brain injury victims suffer from after an accident may be different than males.

When a person in Georgia incurs a TBI, the normal functioning patterns of his or her brain are disrupted, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While some may only experience a few moments of impairment, others may suffer from consequences that affect their ability to live a normal life and require long-term medical care. Although the effects of a TBI vary greatly by the person and the situation, a new study discovered that females may react differently to these injuries than males.

The Link Between Gender And TBis

According to Time, after incurring a brain injury, females were more likely to participate in risky behaviors, like smoking, become the victim of bullying, contemplate committing suicide and experience psychological distress. To come to this conclusion, nearly 10,000 middle and high school girls in Canada were surveyed.

Since the results were collected using a self-reporting system, the researchers were unable to determine what exactly caused this variance between female and male brain injury victims. However, the study suggests that this dissimilarity could be traced back to the hormonal differences between girls and boys, difference in treatments, cognitive abilities or a combination of each one of these factors.

Brain Injury Effects Vary By Situation

Regardless of whether a brain injury victim is male or female, these injuries, if not fatal, can lead to long-term and permanent disabilities. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, no two brain injuries are the same and the effects often vary depending on the location, severity and cause of the injury.

For example, the BIAA states that the brain is divided into two specific sides which each perform specific functions. If a person incurs an injury to the left side of his or her brain, they may experience the following effects:

  • Difficulties controlling the right side of their body
  • Emotional issues that result in severe depression and anxiety
  • Trouble understanding what a person is saying in a conversation
  • An inability to think about things in a logical manner
  • Problems expressing themselves with language

In comparison, a person who suffers from an injury on the right side of his or her brain may have a difficult time controlling the right side of their body, suffer from visual-spatial impairment and find that they react differently to music and other creative endeavors than they did before the accident.

Due to these varying effects, brain injury victims may be unable to lead a normal life and may rely on their friends and family members for constant assistance. If you incurred a brain injury because of another person’s negligence, consult with an attorney who can fight for your right to fair and proper compensation.

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