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Tips for driving safely near a commercial truck

When you get in your car to go to work, school, the doctor or to run errands, you will likely come across dozens of commercial trucks. You might be behind one on a two-lane road, next to one on highway or be followed by one on a one-way road. No matter the circumstances, you need to follow the safety tips described today for driving near a commercial truck.

An I-285 truck crash near Camp Creek Parkway claims 1 life

A crash that involved multiple tractor-trailers and a single passenger car occurred along Interstate 285 in south Fulton County around noon on June 19. While all of the truckers made out with non-life threatening injuries, the driver of the pasenger car was not as fortunate. She lost her life.

Should drivers be wary of truck accidents this weekend?

It is not surprising to have so many public service announcements and media reports imploring safety on Georgia’s highways this weekend. After all, people will be travelling in earnest this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. Most see it as the first summer holiday, and AAA expects nearly 40 million people across the United States to travel, with a majority doing so by car.

Another truck accident due to spilled cargo

It was but a few weeks ago that we wrote a post about truck accidents, the cargo they carry, and the often-silly headlines that are made when these issues come into play for an accident. Our source article a few weeks back was related to a truck that was carrying milk, and when the vehicle crashed, all of that cargo tumbled onto the highway.

Milk spill from truck accident lights up social media

An amusing truck accident that occurred outside of the United States highlights a particular, but important, part of truck safety. The accident we are talking about today happened in London, and it involved a truck that was carrying a vast quantity of milk cartons. Social media users quickly captured plenty of images of all the milk that spilled across the road. This led to plenty of jokes online, but the real matter involved here is quite serious.

Truck driver charged with homicide by vehicle after crash

A massive truck accident that occurred four months ago has become fatal after one of the victims of the wreck passed away due to the injuries suffered in the crash. As a result of the death, which occurred on Feb. 19, police have filed homicide by vehicle charges against the truck driver that triggered the 11-vehicle accident. The investigation is still open at this time and there are few other details available about the wreck.

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