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Have you been injured in a truck accident?

Imagine that you are driving down the road after work or immediately following a trip that included several errands you needed to run. As you are driving down the highway, you see a truck in the right lane. You are in the center lane, cruising by at a safe speed. But as you come along side the truck, the larger vehicle suddenly starts swaying in a dangerous way, and eventually it comes hurdling over the lane dividers and into your car.

Trucks collide head on in fatal wreck

Two people were killed and one person was left in critical condition after two trucks -- a dump truck and a garbage truck -- collided in Forsyth County recently. The wreck happened in the afternoon at an intersection, and both people int he garbage truck were killed in the crash. The two trucks collided head on in the wreck, and the driver of the garbage truck was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Common questions about truck accidents

Truck accidents happen all of the time, and we've taken some time to discuss this problem on our blog. We have covered the common reasons why truck accidents occur in the first place. Today, we want to talk about some of the basics about truck accidents and answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to the topic of commercial vehicle accidents.

Fatal truck crash leaves 10 hospitalized, driver charged

A 60-year-old truck driver has been charged with numerous charges after he was involved in a tragic 8-vehicle crash that left one person dead and nearly a dozen people injured. The wreck occurred on Georgia Highway 316 recently, and a preliminary investigation by police into the crash revealed that the truck driver likely failed to stop his vehicle.

Chemicals spill on highway after truck crashes

A truck accident in Atlanta, Georgia left Interstate 85/75 at the 10th Street exit closed in both directions as crews came out to clean up the hazardous materials the truck was carrying. Chemicals spilled all over the road after the accident, though the material does not pose a life-threatening risk to people in the area. The truck was carrying benzoyl chloride, and the scene apparently smelled like nail polish remover.

Truck jack-knifes on Interstate 75

Far south of Atlanta is Macon, Georgia, the site of a truck accident that is the subject of today's post. The accident involved a 60-year-old man who was driving a tractor trailer dump truck that jack-knifed on Interstate 75. The wreck caused traffic to become congested, but there were no reports of injuries in our source article. It appears that unfortunate, other than a damaged truck, occurred here.

What causes a truck accident?

Given the immense power of semi-trucks, you would think that truck drivers and trucking companies would be very careful about how their vehicles are operated and maintained. For the most part, this is achieved. But there are still far too many trucks out on the road that causes accidents, hurt innocent people and, in doing so, change the lives of those people.

Concealing medical conditions can be deadly

Operating any motor vehicle takes skill, training and focus, whether you are driving a smaller motorcycle or an enormous commercial truck. If someone is not physically or mentally capable of driving safely and lawfully, that person shouldn’t be driving and is likely going to be unable to secure a driver’s license.

Could new speed limitations make trucks safer?

An interesting idea has been floated by U.S. lawmakers to try to curb the number of truck accidents on American roadways. The idea is to pass a law that would force trucks and trucking companies to install devices on their vehicles that would prevent these large vehicles from traveling faster than a certain speed. The specifics haven't been announced yet for the proposal, but the report says that lawmakers have considered 60, 65 and 68 miles per hour. If approved, truck drivers would be physically unable from making their trucks travel faster than the speed lawmakers decide on.

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