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Analysis of motorcycle accidents in Canada paints ugly picture

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has released a new analysis of motor vehicle accidents that makes it clear how dangerous it is out on the road for motorcyclists compared to drivers of conventional automobiles. Even though the data is from Canada, the results are likely very comparable to the roads here in the United States. In any case, the information is very interesting.

What are some common causes of car accidents?

The question posed in the title may seem like a no-brainer, and that's because car accident are ubiquitous and easily written off as being caused by "human error." However, there are some very specific causes to car accidents that were identified by a 2008 study by researchers at the University of Michigan. They looked at 6,950 crashes to try to figure out why these wrecks happen.

New device could let police view cellphone texting data

One question that has perplexed many people about texting while driving laws is: how do you prove that someone was using their cell phone while they were driving? This may seem like a question with an obvious answer. You just check the phone! However, it is not that simple. The police can't grab a person's phone and look through their texts without violating their right to privacy, and their rights as a suspect. They must get a warrant for that.

Traffic accident deaths are trending in the wrong direction

One of the great things about looking at data and studying facts and statistics is that your can learn from past mistakes, discover trends, and address concerns based on the information at hand. From 2014 to 2015, traffic accident fatalities went up 8.4 percent, and that was the largest year-over-year increase in traffic accident fatalities in the United States since 1963-1964. And now, from 2015 to 2016, we saw another significant increase in the number of traffic fatalities.

People injured in Atlanta hit and run accident

Car accidents happen all the time, but some are more infuriating -- and legally dubious -- than others. There are many examples of these "infuriating and dubious" accidents: drunk driving accidents, speeding accidents, crashes that involve drivers that are using their cell phones, and fatigued drivers are all examples of accidents that are infuriating and also leave the at-fault driver in a legally vulnerable position. And rightfully so.

Oconee County finds sudden problem with distracted driving

To the east of Atlanta just south of Athens is Watkinsville, Georgia. The town resides in Oconee County, which has witnessed a startling and consistent rise in car accidents -- mainly driven by the sudden grip of distracted driving over many drivers. The county now averages about 180 car accidents a month, or roughly six per day.

Some common car accident questions, answered

Being in a car accident is a traumatic and upsetting moment in life. Anyone that has been in a wreck before, no matter how minor, will tell you the same thing. That moment before the cars collide, where you hold your breath and hope for the best, is terrifying. So when the wreck is over and you are left with the aftermath, it can be tough to know how to proceed. Today, we want to talk about a few frequently asked topics in relation to car accidents.

Car swerves over center line, causes serious accident

A woman was air lifted to Atlanta after a car crash occurred on, and ultimately closed, Highway 34. The accident occurred in the afternoon, when two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on the highway. The woman who was airlifted was driving a Chevy traveling west. All of a sudden, the woman's vehicle began drifting into the eastbound lanes. It collided with a Dodge pickup truck that was unable to avoid the veering vehicle.

Car accidents are too common, and legal help is often critical

Do you know that one of the leading causes of catastrophic physical injuries in the U.S. is car accidents? And did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 3 to 33 in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

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