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Should I be concerned about the new Georgia truck weight limits?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

One of the main concerns about trucks in Georgia is their size. Having an auto accident is difficult enough with the possibility of injuries and worse when sharing the road with other passenger vehicles. Trucks add a bigger problem to the mix.

Colliding with a truck will automatically have the potential to inflict worse damage. They are moving at great speeds, are extremely heavy and the impact is exacerbated by these factors. Smaller vehicles do not stand much of a chance.

This fear is being exacerbated with a new bill that could become law. Georgia has been debating whether truck weight limits should be raised. After an extended back and forth, an agreement was reached to let some trucks have a higher weight limit. It needs to be signed by the governor.

This is believed to be a potential benefit for trucks that are carrying forest and agricultural goods, but there are fears as to what it might do to the road condition and how it could place others on the road in jeopardy. People should be cognizant of the potential changes and consider strategies to stay safe. When there is an accident, they will inevitably need assistance with deciding what steps to take.

Some trucks’ weight limit raised by 8,000 pounds in Georgia

According to the bill, trucks would be able to carry 88,000 pounds if they are transporting agricultural and forest commodities. Currently, trucks taking state roads are limited to 80,000 pounds, but it can be extended to 84,000 pounds in some circumstances.

Should the bill be signed by Gov. Brian Kemp, trucks carrying the heavier weight would not travel on interstates. They would be limited to local roads and state highways. There is also a 150-mile radius they are to be limited to from where they started. Those in the logging and agriculture industry are in favor of the change. The Georgia Department of Transportation and other local entities oppose it.

The worry is that the heavier trucks will inflict more damage on roads and bridges in a shorter time-frame. This could be a factor in a rise in overall accidents. When there is a crash, people are facing the prospect of being injured worse due to the heavier trucks.

Weight limits are another factor to think about with truck accidents

People might not realize that their fear of sharing the road with large trucks is common. Simply looking at these vehicles can be intimidating before sharing the road with them as they are traveling very fast with drivers who might be in a rush to get to their destination.

Additionally, they could be distracted, under the influence, have spent too much time on the road to be fully alert and behave recklessly. Being in a truck crash will inevitably cause a litany of personal, physical, emotional and financial challenges that need to be addressed.

Those who are dealing with the aftermath of truck accidents should know the value of comprehensive help. Contacting professionals who know the law and have a history of helping people after these types of collisions can be a key to recovering sufficient compensation for all that was lost.



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