Are some companies’ trucks more dangerous than others?

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Trucks are always a common sight on the Georgia roadways. Whether they are making deliveries and pickups, heading toward destinations in the state or are just passing through, it can be intimidating for drivers and passengers in other vehicles to share the road with these large trucks.

Driver behaviors can be even more worrisome. Since truck crashes can do so much damage and cause injuries and death, people must be aware of the facts regarding their inherent risk. Some companies are gaining a reputation for putting productivity over safety. Even though they deny it, the statistics and anecdotal evidence makes clear that there is a problem. When sharing the road with these trucks, it is wise to think about how to remain safe. Following a crash, it is critical to know the available options.

Amazon trucks have a higher accident rate than other companies

Amazon is perhaps the world’s most prominent company. Part of their business model is based on getting their products to the required destination very quickly. Truckers are a key part of that. However, as reports have shown, they may be sacrificing safety to achieve their goals.

The vehicles that perform the essential part of the delivery process for the company are contract workers, so Amazon itself denies any responsibility for their behavior. The contracted drivers have had collisions that led to 75 people losing their lives in the past seven years. Their contractors, when contrasted with other companies’ drivers, are far worse in terms of safety.

The Department of Transportation conducted a study of 1,300 Amazon drivers and found that their safety scores from February 2020 through last August had more than double the chance of getting a poor score. Many had conditional ratings meaning they were on probation. Generally, companies steer clear of contractors with this rating, but Amazon does not. Amazon has denied liability for their contractors’ behavior on the road.

Overall truck safety is a problem

The Truck Safety Coalition states that truck dangers have gotten worse in recent years and it goes beyond Amazon. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics say that the number of road deaths involving a truck were among the worst ever in 2021. There was an increase of 13% in truck-related crash deaths from 2020 to 2021.

Truck driving has become a tougher job. More and more companies are relying on the contractor model. Many drivers are inexperienced and take unnecessary risks. They might speed, behave recklessly, drive distracted, go beyond the mandated limits, use alcohol or drugs, and drive while drowsy.

After a truck accident, injured people need an advocate

Given their size and the speeds at which they travel, trucks can cause untold damage when there is an accident. This can be exacerbated by drivers who are behaving in dangerous ways with the unsaid approval of the companies they are working for. When there is a truck crash, the injuries can be severe and those who have been hurt or lost a loved one must remember to think about the future.

Medical bills, the inability to work, permanent injuries and fatalities are all part of the landscape of a truck accident. For Georgia residents who have been involved in a truck collision, it is imperative to know what to do in the aftermath. Gathering evidence as to what happened and taking the necessary steps to recover compensation may require experienced help. Consulting with qualified professionals can be a necessary step toward moving forward with a claim.


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