Should you accept a settlement offer in your case?

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Most people who have been injured in a car accident just want to move on with their lives. They want the resources they need to secure appropriate medical treatment while retaining financial stability. It really isn’t too much to ask, especially when the accident in question was caused by the negligence of another. A personal injury lawsuit can certainly help a car accident victim obtain this goal, and the reality is that many of these claims are settled well before they ever get to trial.

But if you’ve been injured in a car accident, you shouldn’t be so quick to accept a settlement offer. Instead, you should conduct a thorough analysis of your claim to make sure that you’re making the decisions that lead to the best outcome for you and your family. Here are just some of the considerations that you should take into account before deciding on a settlement offer:

  • The value of your claim: It might seem difficult to put a price tag on your damages, but it’s imperative to do so in order to determine if a settlement offer comes close to covering your losses. While you’ll certainly want to look into your incurred and expected lost wages and medical expenses, don’t overlook the value of your pain and suffering. After all, your accident injuries may have reshaped the way you live your life and taken some of the enjoyment out of it. Consider how you can portray those losses to a judge and jury and think about what that’s worth to you.
  • The strength of the evidence: This seems like common sense, but if you’re considering taking your case to trial then you need to know the strength of your evidence so that you can more accurately assess your likelihood of success. Look at police reports, witness accounts, potential expert testimony, and accident reconstruction reports to see how easy it’ll be for you to prove negligence and causation, as well as the extent of your damages.
  • The weaknesses of your case: A lot of personal injury cases have weaknesses. In many instances this includes comparative fault. Here, the defense tries to avoid liability or at least reduce the judgment against it by arguing that the victim is partially to blame for the accident. This means that you’ll need to be prepared to play a little bit of defense when pursuing your claim. Analyze the context of your accident to see if you did anything that can be construed as contributory negligence. Then figure out how well you’ll be able to counter those arguments at trial.
  • Your desire to move on: While you can take a lot of time looking at case law, speaking to experts, and building your personal injury case, you should ask yourself how quickly you want to move on with your life. After all, a personal injury claim can take a significant amount of time to litigate, which can leave you with a lot of stress, uncertainty, and financial hardship. If you simply want to recover some cash as quickly as possible, then settlement may be your best option. If you want to fight for what you truly deserve while taking a greater risk, then taking your case to trial might be your best option.

Thoroughly analyze your case to make the decision that is right for you

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to pursuing a personal injury claim. Therefore, you shouldn’t make your decisions lightly. Instead, educate yourself as much as possible while keeping the facts of your case in mind. Only after conducting a thorough analysis can you make a decision that is truly right for you and your future.


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