Medical expenses: an intrinsic part of accident recovery

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Taking control of a motor vehicle is a common activity for many drivers. Although comfortability behind the wheel breeds confidence, even experienced motorists occasionally fail to recognize the ever-present safety hazards of the road.

Reportedly, over two million people suffer injuries in traffic accidents each year and 30,000 lives are lost. Meanwhile, crashes cause roughly 37% of spinal cord injuries (SCI) treated annually within the United States.

Why should I consider taking legal action?

Depending on the type of SCI, for example, symptoms may be immediately apparent or temporarily unrecognized. In either case, lifelong care may be necessary.

Despite advances in the medical field, treatments designed to minimize the effects of an SCI do not guarantee recovery. In many circumstances, the prohibitive costs of surgery and home modifications may seem implausible without seeking compensation.

Factors that influence SCI costs

It’s virtually impossible to anticipate the related expenses of a catastrophic injury. Though, depending on the situation, millions of dollars could factor into the expenses of an SCI.

Before you seek compensation, it may be helpful to understand the variables that commonly influence the costs associated with an SCI. For example:

  • Damage to the lower part of the spine can affect mobility. However, injuries closer to the brain may further minimize movement and impair one’s ability to control his or her bodily functions.
  • The chances of recovery vary greatly depending on the seriousness of the injury. As such, so do the types, and expenses, of anticipated treatment.
  • Naturally, one’s expected lifespan can have a significant effect on the medical needs caused by spinal damage. Emergency medical care typically makes the first year after an SCI the most expensive. Yet, seeking compensation should include an in-depth consideration of how financial requirements will compound annually.

Each spinal cord injury, and potential lawsuit, includes unique variables. Therefore, each case requires a thoughtful calculation of damages.

Exploring one’s legal options may not seem paramount after a catastrophic injury. Yet, accountability may be a necessary response to negligence.


Case Results

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