After a collision, when is it time to replace a car seat?

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Driving around with your children can often induce both joy and worry. You may be excited to spend time with your little ones, but still, you worry for their safety. It’s no secret that all roads carry a risk factor, with some rife with unpredictable driving environments.

A common safety measure many parents utilize is a car seat. Some parents may only know it as a safety net that goes without a collision test, while others, unfortunately, have that heart-stopping moment after a collision. When that heart-stopping moment ends with the child visibly safe, it can be a relief. But oftentimes, that relief proceeds a question: should you replace the car seat?

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the answer to that question revolves around the level of visible damage caused by the accident. If, when performing post-accident reconnaissance, you find yourself having to work much harder to find damage, there is a far greater chance that that car seat can continue serving its purpose. The NHTSA additionally brings up the importance of looking for damage specifically around where that car seat is situated. If the rest of the car looks unblemished, but the car door adjacent to the car seat shows signs of damage, then a new car seat may be justified.

Still, that obviously doesn’t mean that a parent must abstain from purchasing an upgrade. They may certainly still choose to do so. One thing to keep in mind though is to purchase a car seat that has not been recalled. Performing further research can give you a better idea of the consumer history of certain car seats.

While some accidents may yield little to no damage, not everyone is so lucky. If an accident left more than a bit of a mark on any passengers, it can make for a terrifying experience. The road to recovery can have plenty of bumps along the way and reaching out to a qualified professional can provide support and relief in a trying time.


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