Steps toward recovery after an auto accident

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Every day, thousands of individuals in Georgia and other parts of the United States are involved in car accidents. The severity of wounds associated with auto accidents can range from minor scrapes or bruises to more severe health problems such as head and facial injuries. Treatment and recovery from car crash-related injuries will differ based on the nature of the accident and the part of the body that was affected. The following is a breakdown about what drivers and passengers can expect when recovering from a vehicle accident based on the type of injury that was suffered.

For head and brain injuries caused by hitting a windshield, steering wheel or other objects, injured parties may experience concussions or traumatic brain injuries. The symptoms of concussions may include neck pain, headaches, dizziness or nausea. For most people, the symptoms of mild concussions will dissipate within two to three weeks. For more severe cases, medical attention may be required.

Facial and neck injuries are also common issues caused by car accidents. Facial injuries can occur whenever drivers or passengers strike the steering wheel or another loose part of the vehicle due to sudden impact. Neck injuries such as whiplash can be caused whenever the neck is forced to snap quickly. When medical professionals treat facial injuries, they may need to stitch deep cuts, bandage scrapes or perform surgery on broken facial bones. When addressing neck injuries, health care workers may prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers for minor injuries. However, if a dislocation or serious vertebrae injury occurred, the injured party might require surgery.

Injuries from car accidents can range from serious major internal injuries to psychological problems that could limit an individual’s ability to recover physically, emotionally or financially in the long term. If you’re suffering from the financial or physical repercussions of a car accident, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help you navigate through the difficulties surrounding complex auto injury cases.


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