Rear-ending a distracted driver could still put the fault on them

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Texting and hands-on phone use are illegal while driving in Georgia, like many states across the country. Even with lawmakers aiming to curb distracted driving, it stills causes thousands of accidents every year. If you were in a wreck because of someone’s distracted driving, you could get compensation to contribute to your recovery – even if you’re the one who hit them.

Federal studies say that over 3,000 lives are lost every year because of inattentive operators, but some experts believe the numbers are actually much higher. While a new hand-held ban has Georgia offenders down 20%, that still leaves thousands taking their eyes off the road. If someone else’s actions while distracted caused you to rear-end them, it’s not automatically your fault.

Paying for attention

If you hit another driver who was distracted, the fault may still sit with them:

  • Changing lanes: If another driver entered your lane at an unsafe distance, you didn’t likely have enough time to react if there’s a chain of brakes. This shortened time may not have been your fault if the actions of the other driver contributed to the accident.
  • Pulling into traffic: Someone who isn’t looking at their surroundings could pull right out in front of you. Another situation where you don’t have time to maneuver out of the way properly, a driver pulling into the street directly ahead of you can be a certain recipe for a crash.
  • Failing to act: A driver in front of you may have every intention of turning, but they may forget the second step of the process after they hit the brakes. If their signal was on and they reduced their speed quickly but never acted further, the ensuing contact may not be your fault.

If a distracted driver has you suffering, make sure you’re ready to spell out just how the accident happened. Showing where the fault lies can make all the difference when you’re trying to get the help you need to recover.


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