As summer gives way to fall, many things around you will begin to change. From cooler weather to more traffic on the road, it’s critical to prepare for everything that will come your way.

Here are four of the most serious dangers of fall driving:

  • Wet conditions: When rain hits the area, it’s critical to take action while driving. This means slowing down, using your headlights and taking extra caution around other drivers.
  • Back to school traffic: With children heading back to school in large numbers, you can expect more traffic on the roadways. Also, pay close attention to school bus stops, as there are likely to be children in close proximity.
  • Fog: Along with rain, fog is more likely to come into play during the fall months. Once again, you should slow down and turn on your headlights. However, never use your high beams, as the reflection will reduce visibility.
  • Sun glare: The temperatures may cool off a bit, but sun glare remains a major problem when driving. It can make it difficult to spot pedestrians and other vehicles, increasing the risk of an accident.

Even if you protect against these dangers of fall driving, don’t expect every other driver to do so. There’s a good chance other drivers aren’t taking the same level of caution, which puts you in a dangerous position.

In the event of an accident, move your vehicle to safety and administer first aid to any injuries. Also, call 911 for help. All of these steps will lead you toward making a recovery and holding the negligent party responsible for your injuries and other damages.