Any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious injury, death and property damage. However, some types, such as rollover accidents, are more dangerous than others.

A rollover accident is exactly what it sounds like. This happens when a vehicle loses contact with the roadway and begins to roll.

There are many causes of rollover accidents, including but not limited to the following:

  • Vehicle type: High profile vehicles, such as commercial trucks, are more likely to rollover than those with a lower center of gravity.
  • Speed: The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more likely it is that a rollover will occur, such as if the driver needs to make an instant correction.
  • Driving under the influence: With more than 50 percent of rollover accidents involving alcohol, it’s critical to never get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking.
  • Location: A rollover accident can happen on any roadway, but these are more common in rural areas where roads are typically undivided.
  • Sharp curve: When driving into a sharp curve, it’s critical to follow the speed limit and use common sense to maintain full control of your vehicle. If you take the curve too fast, a rollover is more likely.

There are times when a rollover accident involves one car. There are also times when a vehicle rolls over and strikes at least one other vehicle, pedestrian or piece of property while doing so.

If you’re injured in a rollover accident, such as one caused by a trucker, call for immediate help. After receiving treatment and filing an insurance claim, you can take steps to protect your legal rights and seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.