Rookie truckers often make dangerous mistakes

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Any truck driver, even someone with many years of experience, can make a mistake that causes an accident. However, those who are new to the road are more likely to make an easily avoidable mistake.

Here are several dangerous mistakes that rookies often make:

  • Failure to notice speed limits: Truckers may be paying attention to something inside the cab or avoiding an accident that they overlook the speed limit. This results in them driving too fast, or in some cases, too slowly.
  • Missing a lane restriction sign: These are just as important as speed limit signs, as they tell truckers where they can and can’t drive. For example, many stretches of highway have restrictions regarding trucks riding in the left lane.
  • Forgetting about the trailer: A trucker must remember that they’re hauling a trailer. Forgetting what’s behind when turning in tight quarters can cause an accident.
  • Driving too fast: Rookie drivers are often used to driving smaller vehicles that are significantly easier to control. This leads them to push the speed limit and increases the risk of a rollover accident.

It can be quite dangerous for motorists driving in close proximity on the highway to inexperienced truckers. If you’ve been involved in a car-truck accident, the trucker’s inexperience could be a factor in determining liability. But an injured driver’s focus must be on calling 911 so that help arrives at the scene.

Once you receive treatment and have the time to do so, review the cause(s) of the accident. This makes it easier to file an insurance claim and seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.


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