Follow these tips when passing another vehicle

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As a driver, you know there will be times when you need to pass another vehicle. For example, when you’re on the highway, slower moving vehicles are typically in the right lane. In order to get past them, you’ll move into the left lane and accelerate.

While there is nothing wrong with legally passing a vehicle, doing so is easier said than done. There are some important tips to keep in mind when making this move:

  • Don’t pass unless it’s necessary: Don’t get into the habit of passing every vehicle in front of yours, as the more you do this the greater chance there is of an accident.
  • Never pass if there is a solid centerline: You may think it’s okay to do so, but there’s a reason why you’re in a no passing zone. If you attempt to pass a vehicle on this type of road, it could result in a serious collision.
  • Watch what’s going on around you: Just because you want to pass a vehicle doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. There are other vehicles on the road, and you can only make your move when it’s safe to do so.

Along with the above, do the following before passing: Use your turn signal, check your mirrors, check your blind spot and slowly proceed with your move.

Even if you’re familiar with safe passing practices, it doesn’t mean other drivers are as skilled in this area.

If someone causes a car accident while attempting to pass you, move to safety and call for help. You can rely on the responding officer to file a report, all the while you receive medical care. In the near future, you can then learn more about filing an insurance claim and protecting your legal rights.


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