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Tips for driving safely near a commercial truck

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

When you get in your car to go to work, school, the doctor or to run errands, you will likely come across dozens of commercial trucks. You might be behind one on a two-lane road, next to one on highway or be followed by one on a one-way road. No matter the circumstances, you need to follow the safety tips described today for driving near a commercial truck.

It is vital for you to keep your vehicle out of a truck’s blind spot as much as possible. When you drive in a truck’s blind spot, the driver will not be able to see your vehicle. This can lead to an accident when the truck goes to change lanes or make a turn. Blind spots on trucks are on either side and in the rear.

If you are merging on to a highway or changing lanes, you need to leave plenty of room if there is a truck you are moving in front of on the highway. If you don’t leave enough room, the truck could clip you from behind and either flip your vehicle or send you off the road.

Trucks need a lot of space to make right turns. They will go wide when turning so be sure to leave the truck plenty of room if you are sitting at the top of an intersection. If the truck is struggling to fit, try to back up a bit to give more room.

Tailgating is never a good idea. Tailgating a truck is a life-threatening idea. Should you follow too closely and not be able to stop in time you could wind up underneath the truck.

Commercial trucks are an important part of the Georgia economy. The more trucks you see on the road, the better the economy is performing. These vehicles pose dangers to all other cars because of their weight and size.


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