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An I-285 truck crash near Camp Creek Parkway claims 1 life

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

A crash that involved multiple tractor-trailers and a single passenger car occurred along Interstate 285 in south Fulton County around noon on June 19. While all of the truckers made out with non-life threatening injuries, the driver of the pasenger car was not as fortunate. She lost her life.

According to a spokesperson with the Georgia State Patrol, one trucker had been traveling northbound along I-285 as he neared Camp Creek Parkway when he suddenly crashed into three other semis and the rear portion of a passenger car in his path. The force of the crash caused the passenger car to become dislodged under one of the tractor-trailers that had previously been struck.

By the time emergency crews had arrived at the crash scene, the driver of the passenger car had died. She’s since been identified as a 62-year-old Bowdon resident. All five of the truckers involved were transported to Grady Memorial Hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Photos from the crash scene show that at least one truck’s cab was completely crushed in the collision. Another shows a passenger car that is badly battered. It has a partially caved in roof and appears to have been struck from various angles.

Crash scene investigators kept the portion of the interstate where the accident occurred blocked off for as long as six hours while they cleaned up the debris and tried to make sense of what occurred. Police haven’t announced any preliminary findings as to the cause of the crash nor have they said whether they intend to press charges against the trucker who caused it.

Many inexperienced drivers often come into Fulton County from less densely populated areas not realizing that traffic can come to a standstill in just an instant. Unless they prepare for that, then they become involved in a crash.

Truck collisions that occur on interstates often involve the most serious types of injuries. If you need compensation for both your present and future medical costs, an Atlanta truck accidents attorney can advise you how to can recover those expenses by filing an injury lawsuit.


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