How to spot distracted drivers in Atlanta

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Distracted driving is quickly becoming an epidemic on the roads of Atlanta and the rest of Georgia. States across the country are doing all they can to curb this issue and protect drivers as much as possible. Distracted driving is very dangerous. A vehicle can travel the length of a football field in a matter of two or three seconds when the driver’s eyes are diverted from the road. Here are some tips for spotting distracted drivers.

A distracted driver will have trouble staying in between the lines of his or her lane. If they are constantly weaving, riding the shoulder or switching lanes, it is very likely he or she is not paying attention to the physical act of driving.

Distracted drivers will also routinely tap the brakes, even if they don’t need to do so. This is because they are not watching the road in front of them and are worried they might need to stop on a moment’s notice.

You will find that drivers who do not accelerate after a red light turns to green after a reasonable time could be distracted. A vehicle should resume operations at a traffic light anywhere from two to three seconds after the light turns green. Anything longer than this could be a sign the driver is not paying attention.

A distracted driver in Georgia can also be seen by simply looking at him or her. If the driver is wearing headphones, he or she is not completely focused on the task of driving. The driver will not be able to hear the horns of other vehicles or sirens of emergency vehicles.

It might not be this easy to spot a distracted driver in Atlanta. If you do, it’s best for you to safely move your vehicle away from their vehicle. Accidents involving distracted drivers can be very tragic. You don’t want to become another statistic.


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