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March 2018 Archives

Many ways that a driver can become distracted

Car accidents, no matter the circumstances, are always going to be frustrating for the people involved. They will always leave people feeling upset, and in many cases the victims of the accident will suffer terrible injuries. Now if you get into the specifics of the wreck, there can be some truly angering details that leave the people involved questioning everything. A driver may have been drunk or intoxicated in some way. A driver may have been operating his or her vehicle in an illegal or unsafe way. Or a driver may have simply not been paying attention.

Milk spill from truck accident lights up social media

An amusing truck accident that occurred outside of the United States highlights a particular, but important, part of truck safety. The accident we are talking about today happened in London, and it involved a truck that was carrying a vast quantity of milk cartons. Social media users quickly captured plenty of images of all the milk that spilled across the road. This led to plenty of jokes online, but the real matter involved here is quite serious.

The various ways a medical malpractice case can come about

When you hear the phrase "medical malpractice," what do you picture? In all likelihood, most people will think of a surgical error or a doctor botching a basic procedure. These are obvious cases of medical malpractice, and just because they are the newsworthy and eye-catching, it doesn't make them any less legitimate as cases. But what these examples do is obscure the other equally legitimate cases that qualify as medical malpractice and that what many people suffer from every year.

6 vehicles involved, 9 people injured in chain reaction crash

A portion of Interstate 75 in Marietta, Georgia was blocked yesterday after a terrible chain reaction crash that involved six vehicles. The wreck started when a car hit a semi truck, which then triggered a collision that involved four other vehicles. The first car was trying to change lanes when it hit the truck. This is one of the common reasons why many truck accidents occur: other vehicles turn in front of them in a dangerous way, or that the merge doesn't give the truck driver enough time to react.

Speed: a common threat to your safety and well-being

Georgia readers may know that the number of auto accident fatalities in the United States is startlingly high. Some of the reasons for the sobering car accident statistics include everything from distracted driving to intoxicated drivers, but it is important not to overlook speeding. In fact, speed plays a role in a large number of accidents that result in a fatality. 

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