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Truck accidents happen all of the time, and we’ve taken some time to discuss this problem on our blog. We have covered the common reasons why truck accidents occur in the first place. Today, we want to talk about some of the basics about truck accidents and answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to the topic of commercial vehicle accidents.

To begin, what is a commercial vehicle? This covers a wide range of vehicles, and it includes your traditional big rigs and semi-trucks, as well as large buses, delivery trucks, and large freight trucks. These vehicles inherently are more dangerous than other vehicles when they are involved in an accident because of their size and raw power. Devastating injuries can be suffered by innocent people when a truck or other commercial vehicle collides with other vehicles.

Another common topic with truck accidents is the compensation that a victim can earn through a personal injury lawsuit. These cases can cite loss of income at work, personal pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical costs, and many other factors that can ultimately have a dollar sign attached to them. The financial factors involved in any truck accident are very important.

Last but not least, many people wonder if they are allowed to sue the truck driver, the truck company, or both in the wake of a truck accident. The simple answer is: it depends. Every case is different, and the circumstances matter greatly.

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  • $1,650,000SettlementMedical Lab Negligence Settlement
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