When someone dies in a car accident, it is tragic. Their loved ones will feel emotional pain and they will grieve for a long time to come. All of these feelings are amplified if the accident in question occurred under negligent circumstances. To know that someone has died in an accident is one thing — but to know it happened because someone else was being reckless or dangerous with no regard for your loved one’s safety is another thing entirely.

We bring this up in the context of some data from the Georgia Department of Transportation which shows that the last few years have been dangerous ones out on the state’s roads. In 2014, 1,170 people died in accident in Georgia. That number jumped up to 1,432 people in 2015, and it continued to increase in 2016 when 1,561 people died in car accidents. 

So far in 2017, the state has seen 898 fatalities in car accidents. If this pace continues throughout the year, 2017 will see fewer fatalities in car accidents than 2016 — but the number of deaths will still be higher than in 2015. In other words, this four-year trend of higher rates of fatalities in car accidents in Georgia will continue.

Serious and often fatal injuries can occur because of car accidents. When these things happen because of another person’s negligence, then the victims (or their loved ones) should have their case reviewed by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: GDOT, “Number of Fatalities Annually on Georgia’s Roadways,” Accessed Aug. 10, 2017