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January 2017 Archives

Why drunk driving is such an infuriating phenomenon

Of all the ways for a motor vehicle accident to happen, drunk driving has to be one of the worst, most infuriating causes -- if not the worst, most infuriating cause. Drunk driving inherently implies that the individual who caused the drunk driving accident consumed alcohol and then made the deliberate decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs a literal ton and can travel at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

An Epidural Hematoma: A Serious Brain Injury in Car Accidents

Everyone knows that car accidents are a risk anytime someone gets into a motor vehicle. While car accidents can range from relatively minor fender-benders to serious, multi-car pileups, even the smallest of car accidents can result in serious injuries.

Your Actions May Influence a Potential Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits filed over food poisoning are sometimes straightforward. Maybe there was a mass case of food poisoning, and you can clearly point to a particular business as the cause of your illness. However, this isn't always the case.

Concealing medical conditions can be deadly

Operating any motor vehicle takes skill, training and focus, whether you are driving a smaller motorcycle or an enormous commercial truck. If someone is not physically or mentally capable of driving safely and lawfully, that person shouldn’t be driving and is likely going to be unable to secure a driver’s license.

The potential safety hazards of air travel - beyond crashes

Do you have a fear of air travel? It is a common concern, and many people nationwide, including here in Georgia have concerns about flying. While it is mostly the fear of a plane crash, air travel poses other dangers to your health and that of other passengers and crew. The most at risk are frequent flyers and flight crews who are predisposed to multiple health hazards that can range from mental and cognitive disorders, hearing and vision damage, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

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