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September 2016 Archives

New rule makes it easier to sue nursing homes for malpractice

All too often in the past, issues of elder abuse, neglect and even wrongful death were kept from the public view. By using arbitration, nursing homes were able to settle cases with residents and their families in a more private arena, away from the courts.

3 ways an attorney can help you after a serious car crash

After any car accident, you will likely get many suggestions on what you need to do. Friends and family members might tell you to contact the other person directly, report the accident to your insurance company, get your car fixed right away or just keep the accident quiet and avoid speaking to anyone about it.

Inaction can be just as devastating as dangerous actions

Any situation that ends in someone's death is one that should be examined very closely in order to determine what or who contributed to the loss. Not only can this provide critical answers for the victim's loved ones, but it can also help establish who can be held accountable for the death.

Inspection blitz aims to put the brakes on unsafe trucks

In many near-accidents, the one thing that stands between motorists and a catastrophic collision is the braking system in their vehicles. Brakes have become more responsive and sophisticated than ever, and as long as they are properly installed and maintained, brakes can save lives.

Are we addicted to distracted driving?

Every driver should know that texting and driving is dangerous. However, spend just a little time on the road and you will undoubtedly see several drivers glancing down at their phones as they drift out of their lane or typing away on their phones at a stop light. We know we shouldn't do it, so why do so many drivers continue to use their phone while driving?

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