The dangers of unnecessary surgery

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Imagine undergoing an operation for a painful condition only to later learn that the surgery was all but unnecessary. Now, imagine that the procedure left you with serious health problems, a dangerous infection and/or more pain than you started with. Sadly, this can and does happen when people opt for surgery that is arguably useless.

The subject of useless surgery was recently examined in a New York Times article and it could be important for people across Atlanta to know about this troubling trend and how it can lead to serious health problems.

As noted in the article, certain types of operations have come under scrutiny because there is little or no proof that they are actually effective or more effective than non-surgical alternatives.

For instance, spinal fusion, vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty and torn meniscus surgery are all procedures that have experts questioning why people are opting to undergo them. In most cases, the surgery produces the same or similar results as less invasive options like physical therapy.

One major concern about unnecessary surgery is that it could put patient safety in danger. There are risks that come with any type of surgical procedure, from complications to serious errors. Putting a person in that situation without having to is generally not a good idea. So why are so many people still having these operations?

According to some sources, it is the doctors who are passing on some questionable information to patients. Some doctors do believe these procedures can be effective, though that could mean they are ignoring compelling evidence. Others knowingly misrepresent surgery as an option for one reason or another. In either case, patients could be getting bad information about their healthcare options.

If you have undergone an operation that was ultimately unnecessary or even harmful and have suffered damages as a result, it can be vital that you discuss your situation with an attorney. In many cases, you could have grounds to take legal action and seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice claim.


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