Why are truck crashes so often catastrophic?

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In this blog, we have often discussed the devastation that can be suffered in the aftermath of a serious trucking crash. This devastation isn’t just limited to the property that is often destroyed in a collision with a commercial vehicle, it extends to the physical, emotional and financial impact that affects victims.

Because of all the damage that can be done, people often refer to truck accidents as “catastrophic,” and the truth is that they often are. For many reasons, these particular types of collisions are often ruinous for victims and their families. 

Physically, the severe toll of a truck crash is undeniable. Victims of these accidents often suffer brain damage, spinal cord injuries and other life-changing conditions when they are struck by an enormous vehicle hauling tens of thousands of pounds of cargo, and many don’t survive. 

Emotionally, a truck accident can be disastrous as well. These types of events can leave a person scared, depressed, anxious and incredibly sad as a result of the loss and pain suffered. These scars don’t heal overnight, and sometimes they will never truly go away, leaving victims and their loved ones forever changed by the accident.

And unfortunately, there is a considerable financial toll of these crashes as well. Between the pain and suffering and medical expenses, lost wages and funeral expenses, victims and their families can be on the hook for paying huge amounts of money just to cope with and recover from a trucking crash.

In order to ensure all these damages are properly accounted for, you can take legal action by filing a civil claim. Whether you reach a settlement outside of court or proceed with litigation, it will be critical that you fight for the compensation and closure you deserve.

Because these accidents are so often catastrophic, it is crucial that the appropriate parties are held responsible for them. There are parties who will try to sweep them under the rug or dismiss claims with insignificant payment, but victims working with an attorney can fight to secure maximum compensation and the accountability that can be essential in these situations.


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