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June 2016 Archives

Patients pay the price for failed cleanliness practices

From a very young age, we are taught to wash our hands, take baths, cover our coughs, brush our teeth and perform other essential hygienic practices to stay healthy. But other people don't always take these same precautions, and germs and bacteria can spread quite easily.

Weighing your legal options after a wrongful death

Most people are unprepared for life after the loss of a loved one. They don't know how they will take care of their home and bills without their partner or supporter; they don't know how to explain the loss to the children; often, they don't understand their legal rights, either.

Proposal: reduce truck crashes by giving trucks their own lanes

Sharing the road with a commercial-sized truck is nothing new. Drivers across Atlanta do this just about every time we get on the highway. For the most part, this occurs without incident. However, these trucks can and do pose a threat to motorists because of their size, weight and the fact that they can be operated by negligent, reckless truckers.

Can a party host be held liable for a drunk driving death?

In some personal injury cases, placing blame can seem pretty straightforward. There are clearly two sides: one is a victim and the other is the guilty party. But what happens when other entities or individuals end up playing a role in the case? Where does the liability fall?

Remember: You have rights after a drunk driving crash

Over the holiday weekend, law enforcement agents increased efforts to stop drunk and distracted drivers across Georgia. Their goal was to prevent catastrophic accidents from happening. These increased efforts are common during holiday weekends like Memorial Day, as they are times known to result in higher numbers of drivers on the road and more drinking.

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