When a crash isn’t the driver’s fault, more investigation needed

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On this blog, we often discuss the considerable risk posed by negligent, reckless and improperly trained truck drivers. They are in a position to cause enormous amounts of damage with a single bad or unsafe decision behind the wheel due to the size and power of their rigs. 

However, the drivers of these vehicles aren’t always the ones making dangerous decisions prior to a crash. In fact, there are far too many situations when the people tasked with manufacturing or repairing these huge trucks set the stage for a crash by failing to put a safe vehicle on the road.

For instance, operators of certain models of Volvo commercial trucks could lose complete control of their vehicle through no fault of their own thanks to a defective steering shaft.

According to recent reports, more than 15,000 trucks manufactured by Volvo are believed to be affected by problems including missing roll pins and insecure bolts connecting upper and lower steering shafts. These problems make it possible for the steering shaft to separate, causing a complete loss of steering.

The company issued a recall, but this should serve as a critical reminder to people that there are scenarios in which the party responsible for a crash is not present at the accident scene. 

In situations where manufacturers, product designers, assembly workers or automotive repair companies are to blame for putting a dangerous or defective vehicle on the road, it can take more investigation and legal knowledge to identify the party who is at fault for a crash. Once this can be established, any person who has been injured as a result of that party’s negligence can and should take legal action. Discussing the options for a product liability claim with an attorney can be crucial. 

Source: Truckinginfo.com, “Volvo Recalls Nearly 16,000 Trucks for Steering Shaft Problem,” March 17, 2016


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