Drunk drivers aren’t the only impaired drivers on the road

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Driving is something most of us do every single day. In fact, it can be such a routine task that we don’t really give it much thought anymore. However, every time anyone gets behind the wheel, there is the chance that a serious accident can occur. This risk increases considerably when a driver is impaired.

Many people consider impaired driving to be the same as drunk driving and believe that if they don’t drink before driving, they are completely fine. However, there are other impairments that could make a driver just as dangerous as a drunk driver. Georgia has strict laws regarding many of these impairments. 

For instance, state laws prohibit driving under the influence of marijuana and many other drugs. Drugs, both illegal and legal, can make a person drowsy or affect their mental state in such a way that they are confused or make decisions they otherwise wouldn’t make. Drivers who are under the influence of these drugs may not be fit to operate a motor vehicle.

Distraction can also be a big problem for Georgia drivers. Again, there are laws that prohibit distracted behaviors like texting or using a handheld phone while driving, but many drivers think they can get away with these behaviors. Additionally, people don’t always realize that activities like eating or grooming, while not against the law, are still distracting and dangerous.

Finally, driver can be impaired by anger. People who get overly aggressive and try to hurt, intimidate, obstruct or harass other motorists can be a very real danger on the road. Georgia laws address aggressive driving, but many people still let their emotions get the better of them which can put others in danger.

While there are legal measures in place to dissuade drivers from driving while impaired by any of these factors, the fact is that there are drivers impaired by alcohol, drugs, distraction and anger all around us.

In the event that one of these drivers causes an accident, they may not necessarily face harsh criminal penalties, but they can be held accountable through a civil lawsuit. Working with an attorney to build a claim citing negligence or recklessness can be crucial for victims looking to pursue compensation for damages.


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