Cargo spills can cause serious injuries in trucking accidents

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We often discuss the fact that commercial-sized vehicles can pose a threat to other motorists due to the vehicle’s size and power.

However, sometimes the danger is not the truck; it’s what the truck is hauling. If a tractor trailer crashes or rolls over, there is a very real risk that the cargo being transported can spill. In some cases, the cargo presents more of a risk to other people’s safety than the crash itself.

Trucks haul thousands of pounds of materials around Georgia and all across the country. In many cases, this is considered to be the safest way to transport goods like animals, fuel, hazardous waste and other harmful chemicals. While most trips from point A to point B are safe and there are no causes for concern, all it takes is one collision or momentary loss of control and a truck can crash, spilling its cargo on the road.

Even if the truck doesn’t hit anyone or anything else, the spilled cargo can present a major health and safety concern.

For example, recently in another state, a truck tipped over while the trucker was driving. When the truck fell, swarms of bees that were being transported were released. The bees were swarming the trucker’s cabin and by nightfall, they had gotten so aggressive that authorities had to set the hives and other materials on fire to get rid of the bees. One person was injured in the incident.

This is just one reminder of what can happen when trucks crash and cargo is spilled. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of materials released after a truck crash, you should know that you may be able to collect compensation for damages if they were caused by negligence and/or reckless driving behavior.

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