Wrong-way car accidents can be some among the most devastating types of collisions on Georgia roads. To begin with, these accidents often happen late at night, at high speeds and on highways. These factors mean that by the time a driver figures out that another vehicle is heading directly at them, it can be too late to do anything to avoid the crash.

Further, because of these same factors, the damage done in a wrong-way crash can often be devastating. This was sadly the reality for two people who were recently involved in a head-on collision in Georgia.

There are many details of the recent crash that have yet to be confirmed, but what is known is that two drivers were injured when a Comcast Xfinity van crashed head-on into a box truck while both vehicles were on Highway 20. Thankfully, both drivers survived the accident, but they suffered serious injuries.

In similar situations, there are many factors that could have contributed to a wrong-way accident. In some cases, drivers are found to have been impaired by drugs or alcohol and failed to notice the numerous signs and signals that they were going the wrong way. It is also possible for drivers to be so distracted by a cellphone or other item in the car that they don’t notice they have turned down a one-way street. There may also be inadequate road signs alerting drivers if they are going the wrong way.

Investigating accidents like this can be crucial for a couple different reasons. It could reveal some very troubling issues like driver negligence or poor road conditions that need to be improved to prevent future accidents. It could also help provide the basis for a personal injury claim by the victims so that they can pursue compensation.

It is not known if either of the victims in this recent crash will take legal action, but readers who find themselves in a similar situation can discuss their options and rights with an attorney.

Source: WSB-TV, “Head-on crash shuts down Forsyth County highway,” Sept. 15, 2015