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Could the maker of your car parts be liable for damages?

After a car accident, it is quite natural for victims to look at the other driver and ask what he or she did to cause the accident. Assigning blame can't undo an accident, but it can be crucial should accident victims want to pursue compensation for financial, physical and property damage that has been suffered.

However, liability doesn't always start and end with another motorist. In most cases, yes, an accident is proven to be the result of one person's bad or reckless decision. But there are additional factors that could play a role in the damages victims suffer, and these factors can impact which parties are held legally and financially responsible. For instance, if an accident involves a vehicle with a defective part, the manufacturer of that part could be held accountable.

This can be extremely important for drivers across Atlanta to understand, as it can affect the overall compensation received for a crash. If an individual driver is named in a single lawsuit, the possibility of a significant payment that can be fulfilled may be much less likely, especially if he or she is under- or uninsured.

However, if an accident happens and the airbag fails to deploy or is overaggressive, which is evidently a defect affecting almost 34 million vehicles, additional damages can be suffered by the motorists in the vehicle. A faulty car part -- especially one designed to keep people safe in an accident -- is very troubling because it can cause extensive damages in a crash and many motorists are unaware of the defect.

If it can be determined that the maker of a specific part knew about or should have known about a defect, that party can be held accountable for some or all the damages resulting from a car crash.

Knowing who should be held responsible for damages suffered in an accident can be much more complicated than people realize. Without the support of an attorney after a serious car accident, victims may be missing out on some compensation they may greatly need and deserve.

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