Drivers urged to ‘Bee Safe’ after serious truck crash

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We often discuss the fact that tractor trailers can pose a serious threat to other motorists when they are not operated safely. They are large, heavy and powerful, which means that in a collision, they can easily and quickly crush other vehicles and destroy property.

However, there is another reason that trucks can be such a danger in the event of an accident: their cargo. In some cases, huge tractor trailers are hauling some hazardous materials or substances. If the truck crashes, the biggest threat to the safety of others could be whatever is in the bed of that truck.

A recent incident highlighted this important reminder when a truck rolled over in an accident and spilled its cargo. The truck was carrying roughly 13.7 million bees.

When the truck tipped over, nearly 450 hives of bees were scattered and released. They were stinging people all over the area and were still trying to be saved and recovered several hours later. They reportedly got into the vents of nearby cars, increasing the risk of stings to occupants of those vehicles.

Reports on the accident state that the truck accident happened at 3:30 a.m., which raises some questions about the cause of the crash. Was the trucker fatigued or drowsy at that very early hour? Were there visibility issues that made it difficult to see and avoid a road hazard? Was there another vehicle being operated by an impaired driver involved? Depending on the answers that police and investigators uncover, there may be a negligent party identified who can be held responsible for the significant damages suffered.

Trucks often carry cargo that is potentially toxic, extremely heavy or can be very messy and hazardous to others if it is spilled. While many accidents are caused or exacerbated by the size or speed of a big truck, the risk of injury or damage because of a cargo spill can also be a very real concern. Keeping this in mind is important for victims across Georgia because it could have a considerable impact on the extent of damages experienced in an accident.

Source: KOMO News, “I-5 abuzz with millions of bees after semi truck tips over,” April 17, 2015


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