Woman arrested for DUI after drinking vanilla extract

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There are some drunk driving accidents that are caused by a driver who has never been arrested for DUI and who may have made a one-time mistake by driving drunk. There are other drivers who may be considered habitual drunk drivers. 

Every drunk driver poses a threat to others; but there are some drivers who struggle with alcohol addiction and will continue to get behind the wheel unless drastic steps are taken to get them off the road and into a treatment program. This may be the necessary course of action for one woman who was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.26 percent. Luckily, she didn’t cause any injuries, but details of her arrest suggest that she has a history of making dangerous decisions regarding drinking and driving.

Police reports state that the woman was so impaired at the time of her arrest that she had gotten lost inside of a store parking lot. It was then revealed that the woman had gotten drunk on vanilla extract. The woman stated that she had ingested two large bottles of the extract, which has an alcohol level of over 40 percent. Reports note that this is a similar level to gin or vodka. 

The fact that she opted for drinking vanilla extract instead of something like vodka or gin might suggest that she has a problem with alcohol addiction. Vanilla extract is easier to buy, and many people have this in their house for cooking without it being a potential indicator of alcohol abuse.

This recent case was not the first time the woman had been in trouble for DUI, either. In 2006, she was convicted of another DUI. This too could be a signal that the woman has a history of abusing alcohol.

It does not matter if a person is driving drunk for the first time or the 50th time: he or she is putting others in danger. Victims of accidents caused by a drunk driver can be part of the solution by taking legal action after a crash. Perhaps the significant financial consequences and court-ordered treatment that may result from a lawsuit will be effective in getting the person the help he or she needs and prevent future catastrophic accidents.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Carolyn Kesel Arrested For Alleged Drunk Driving After Drinking Vanilla Extract,” David Moye, Jan. 12, 2015


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