Report: Car accidents increase dramatically on Super Bowl Sunday

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Drivers across Atlanta will want to take extra precautions this weekend on the road. According to research by The University of Toronto, car accidents increase sharply on the Sunday evening after the Super Bowl. 

This may not be that surprising, considering the fact that many people watch the game at bars or parties and then get behind the wheel to go home even when they are in no condition to drive. 

Drunk drivers can make reckless, dangerous decisions because of their impairment. Drowsy drivers can doze off behind the wheel or be so tired that they are not able to react quickly enough to avoid a crash. People who may be excited or disappointed after the game may decide to check Facebook or text messages to see what others are saying and get distracted, causing them to take their eyes and attentions off the road.

Any instance of drunk, drowsy or distracted driving can prove to be catastrophic. But according to data, there appears to be an influx of these types of drivers after the game which can cause serious hazards for other motorists.

People may not normally be out late partying on a typical Sunday evening; but Super Bowl Sunday is a critical exception. In fact, on average, there are 600 more injuries and seven more fatalities suffered in car accidents following the Super Bowl when compared to other Sunday evenings during this time of year.

Drivers across Atlanta are encouraged to use caution when driving this weekend. Any driver who is intoxicated or too tired should call a cab or ride home with a friend. Take care of any emails, texts or Facebook messages before getting in the car or simply wait until you get home. 

Sadly, not all drivers will take these precautions this weekend. If you are injured in a car accident because of one of these dangerous or negligent drivers, you should remember that you have the right to hold that driver accountable and seek compensation for damages.


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