Never say never? Not so fast

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Everyone knows that humans are not perfect; every person makes mistakes and in general, people are expected to apologize or be held accountable for these mistakes. This is especially true when it comes to errors that hurt other people, including medical errors.

Some mistakes are the result of unforeseen circumstances. But in other cases, a mistake happens because someone has been reckless or careless and it was likely avoidable. These preventable errors can be among the most upsetting for victims. In the medical field, such mistakes are referred to as “never events” because they are essentially 100 percent preventable. If you have been the victim of these events, which we will discuss below, you have the right to take legal action to hold a doctor or hospital accountable.

“Never events” are described as such because they simply should never happen. They are typically suffered when a doctor is careless, impulsive or dangerous in the treatment of a patient.

For example, a careless doctor may fail to adequately assess a patient’s condition or take certain factors into consideration when diagnosing a patient. Negligence can also lead to medication errors or performing the wrong procedure on the wrong body part. 

Impulsive doctors can act without thinking and make some serious mistakes because they are making speed or efficiency a higher priority than accuracy. In these cases, a doctor in a hurry may close up a patient without removing all the sponges or medical instruments. A hasty doctor may discharge a patient before he or she is fit to be released.

Dangerous behaviors by a doctor can cause devastating consequences for patients as well. Surgeons and other hospital workers often work with dangerous equipment that can cut, burn or otherwise injure a patient. If they do not operate this equipment safely, the result could be catastrophic. Additionally, doctors who perform procedures while impaired, distracted or unqualified are putting the health and safety of patients in serious danger.

Each of these examples qualifies as “never events,” and each one can be grounds for a legal claim and compensation. No patient should have to suffer from these mistakes; unfortunately, there are still people across Georgia who do. Holding the appropriate parties accountable and having the mistake — and the consequences of the mistake — acknowledged can help victims of the errors get some closure and the compensation they may deserve.


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