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October 2014 Archives

Dangerous trucking practices, lacking oversight leads to crashes

Accidents that involve huge vehicles like buses or commercial trucks can have catastrophic consequences. Victims of these accidents are often in smaller cars that are destroyed after being hit by an 80,000-pound vehicle, and no amount of safety features can completely protect motorists from the injuries that are all but inevitable.

Every American has a Constitutional Right to Have Their Day in Court

Every American has a Constitutional right to have their day in court -- this right even applies to corporations and their front groups. But too often corporations and lawmakers happily exercise this right when they benefit, while working tirelessly to close the courthouse doors on American citizens. There is no way around it, that is lawsuit hypocrisy. American Association for Justice and Take Justice Back have launched the ‪#‎HallofLawsuitHypocrites to showcase some of the worst offenders. Ultimately, it's justice for them and not for you. Learn how John Boehner, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, FedEx, WSJ Opinion, Koch Industries, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar Inc.., and Hobby Lobby earned a golden plaque in the #HallofLawsuitHypocrites.

The Effect of Malpractice Reform on Emergency Department Care

440000People‬ are killed every year by preventable medical errors. But too often our elected officials are focused on tort reform legislation that limits legal accountability and patients' rights instead of efforts to improve patient care. A just-released study by @TheNewEnglandJournalofMedicine debunks one of the favorite myths of tort reformers: defensive medicine. Make sure politicians don't fall for the myths. Share this post and spread the word - If no one is accountable, no one is safe.

Report: Long hours contributing to overprescription

We have all had those long work days when we are tired and anxious to be done. Working long hours can be physically and emotionally taxing on any person, and this can make it difficult to stay focused and make appropriate decisions. This can result in some sloppy mistakes and an inability to think clearly. 

Did fatigue or distraction contribute to deadly truck accident?

In a recent blog post, we explored trucking regulations in regards to fatigued driving. Truckers are particularly vulnerable to driving while drowsy due to the nature and pressures of their job, which is why they are expected to comply with trucking regulations to limit sleepy driving. To learn more about these regulations, you are invited to read our post about Hours of Service regulations.

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