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What are the common injuries that car accident victims suffer?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Despite all the precautions that drivers take behind the wheel, accidents still happen. And despite all the safety features that are included in vehicles today, injuries are still suffered in these accidents.

Just like it can be impossible to predict an accident, it can be impossible to predict the type of injuries that will be caused in a crash. Everything from the speed a car is travelling to when or if a person applied the brakes can impact the nature and severity of injuries. However, there are some types of car accident injuries that are quite common and can affect any person involved in a collision.

It is likely that most people are aware of the neck and back injuries that are often suffered in a crash. Being slammed forward, backward and to the side can cause serious damage to a person’s spine and neck, even if a person is wearing a seat belt. The more violently a person is hit, the more serious the damage can be.

Head and chest trauma can also be a very real risk in many car accidents. For example, imagine your car is struck from behind. If this happens, you could hit your head on the dashboard or windshield; your chest can be thrust into the steering and you could suffer internal bleeding and even broken ribs.

Other injuries including broken bones or lacerations are also common and can be quite worrisome. Car seats are relatively small, which means that in the event of an accident, your legs, hands and arms can be crushed by the structure of the vehicle. This can cause broken bones or serious bruising. When the windows and windshield shatter, the broken glass can cause severe cuts and could lead to significant blood loss.

No matter how minor or severe your injuries may be after a car accident, it can be crucial to get medical attention in order to properly identify and treat injuries. After this, injured victims can speak with an attorney to explore their options for a personal injury claim and compensation that could at least partially cover the cost of medical care and other financial damages.


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