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Georgia woman cited for DUI after serious accident

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

The aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be absolute chaos. There are often multiple emergency response vehicles dispatched to the area. Debris is likely scattered across the roadway causing traffic jam while bystanders may be gathering to see what happened. And authorities may be conducting sobriety tests on a driver.

In all this commotion, the victims of the accident are often being loaded into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. For these injured parties, it can be a painful and very scary experience. It is crucial that they focus on getting help and recovering from a crash. After that, they may want to speak with an attorney.

Having the support of an attorney following a crash can provide victims with a profound sense of relief. In all the activity following a drunk driving accident, victims are generally not worried about police reports, witness statements and crash scene investigations. They are, and should be, focused on their injuries. An experienced attorney can step to evaluate an accident and help victims understand what their rights are and whether compensation is appropriate.

A 62-year-old woman may want to consider taking these steps after being injured in an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver in Georgia. According to sources, a 21-year-old woman was apparently intoxicated when she sideswiped one vehicle before continuing on the wrong side of the road and crashing head-on into a second vehicle being driven by the victim.

The driver of the second vehicle suffered severe injuries and is recovering in the hospital. The alleged drunk driver, however, is reportedly in satisfactory condition.

Due to the extent of the victim’s injuries, it is very likely that she will end up with significant medical bills, ongoing care requirements and potentially lost wages if she is unable to work as a result of the accident. This can all add up very quickly and suddenly, victims are not only dealing with physical damages, but financial damages as well. That is why many victims pursue a civil claim against a negligent driver after a crash like this. With the help of an attorney, victims can hold a drunk driver accountable and get the compensation they need and deserve.

Source: Gainesville Times, “2 hurt in McEver Road collision; one charged with DUI,” April 24, 2014


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