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January 2014 Archives

Report: No safe level of intoxication while driving

Every motorist in Georgia should be aware that it is dangerous and unlawful to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if he or she is intoxicated. But sadly, too many people take the risk of driving drunk. They make the mistake of assuming they will not get caught or hurt anyone, but the fact is that hundreds of thousands of crashes are caused by a driver who is drunk; and these are not victimless accidents.

New regulations aimed at shutting down unsafe truck companies

Commercial-sized vehicles can be among the most dangerous vehicles on the road because of their size, weight and power. They can pose an enormous threat to other motorists if they are involved in a crash because even minor collisions can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries for the victims. That is why it is crucial that buses and trucks are operated safely and that drivers and company owners stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Woman loses legs after gynecological surgery; awarded $62 million

Undergoing any type of surgical procedure can be very stressful for people across Atlanta. Of course we hope and expect that they surgery will be successful, but sometimes complications arise and errors are made during an operation that dramatically changes a person's life. If these changes are the result of a negligent doctor or hospital, it is possible for patients who are ill or injured because of the mistake to take legal action.

Jackson attorney: Verdict form confusing in wrongful death suit

People all across Georgia are likely familiar with the details surrounding the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. In 2009, Jackson died after an apparent overdose caused by the anesthetic drug propofol, which had been administered by a doctor, Conrad Murray. After the tragic death, Jackson's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live for hiring Murray, claiming that they were negligent in that decision.

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