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October 2013 Archives

Even seemingly minor car accidents can yield serious injuries

We've previously discussed in this blog car and truck accidents in which those impacted suffered serious or even fatal injuries. Thankfully, the majority of car accidents are not deemed serious and do not result in those drivers and passengers impacted suffering the types of injuries that are considered to be life-threatening. Even seemingly minor injuries, however, are often painful and can adversely impact an individual's ability to perform everyday tasks.

How forced arbitration can affect injury cases in Atlanta

There can be nothing more devastating than the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one. Family members can be overwhelmed by feelings of loss, guilty and anger after losing someone, and the situation can only be exacerbated when families have to deal with medical bills, funeral expenses and other costs that can result from a tragic loss.

A young boy struck and killed by truck in Georgia

A teenager is dead and his brother injured after a vehicle hit them as they stood on the side of the road in Evans, Georgia. The two boys were playing with a go-kart when a passing truck swerved onto the shoulder and hit them both. Although the younger boy escaped serious injury, the truck came to rest on top of the teenage boy, trapping him beneath one of the back tires.

Georgia lawmakers study controversial new medical malpractice law

A controversial bill is being considered by Georgia lawmakers that, if passed into law, could change the manner in which medical malpractice claims are managed for the worse. As is usually the case anytime a controversial bill is introduced, arguments against it arise.

Malpractice suits may be changing in Georgia

A plan for medical malpractice compensation is under consideration in Georgia. The new system would move malpractice suits out of the court of law and into a review panel. Critics of this program feel that it will increase health care costs, but the proponents feel that this is a great way to actually save money while protecting doctors from protracted medical malpractice lawsuits.

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