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May 2013 Archives

Parties reach more than $1 million settlement in wrongful death

An intestinal surgery resulted in the death of a Georgia patient led to a wrongful death claim that was recently settled for $1,050,000. After doctors attempted to perform the laparoscopic surgery, typically a simple procedure, in July 2010, they decided the risk was too great due to a large amount of scar tissue in the 67-year-old female patient. The surgeon chose to perform a traditional, open surgery on the woman, but she began to bleed excessively from a tear in a vein. By the time another surgeon came to stem the bleeding, she had already lost too much blood and passed away a short time later.

Man will likely be charged following accident

A Georgia man is expected to be charged with vehicular homicide more than two months after being involved in an accident. The car accident resulted in the death of a 70-year-old man. The state is in the process of determining whether to charge the man who caused the accident with felony vehicular homicide or a misdemeanor.

NTSB asks Georgia to consider BAC level reduction

A new recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board may have Georgia legislators considering changes to the current blood alcohol content level laws. The NTSB, in an effort to reduce drunk driving deaths, has asked states to consider lowering their current legal BAC levels from .08 percent down by nearly half to .05 percent. This move comes as part of NTSB's overall plan to reduce alcohol-related driving deaths; which account for about one-third of all car fatalities.

NHTSA fatal crash data significantly inaccurate

A study suggests that the data on file regarding fatal car accidents with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is inaccurate. There is a huge gap between the data on file and the incidents that are suspected to have occurred as a result of drivers distracted by phones. The NHTSA's database is the primary resource for collecting data, but its accuracy is highly dependent upon information obtained by states from police reports. Georgia residents who have experienced the loss of a loved one in a fatal crash caused by negligence could be entitled to compensation.

Georgia Police investigate cause of seven-car crash

A seven-car accident on Highway 20/Knox Bridge Highway on April 12 left several cars with major damage. Georgia State Police are investigating the cause of the car crash. No one appeared to be seriously injured.Emergency responders arrived on the scene to find a pileup involving a Ford pickup truck, Kia Optima, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Scion, Mazda 3 and a BMW. The BMW, Kia and Corolla suffered major damage while the remaining cars only had minor damage. The driver and passenger of the BMW were on their way to a memorial service at nearby Georgia National Cemetery at the time of the accident. Emergency personnel took them to the service after they were checked for injuries and provided statements to police.

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