When someone in Atlanta dies as a result of a motor vehicle accident, a grieving family may want to file a wrongful death claim if the death is the result of someone’s negligence. A family in Atlanta may have to consider that possibility after a woman who had been injured in a fatal car accident died as a result of her injuries.

The woman was driving on Interstate 285 in the early morning hours when her vehicle was struck from behind by an SUV driven by a 26-year-old man. After the crash, the SUV driver fled from the scene on foot. He was apprehended by law enforcement officials not long after and charged with a litany of crimes including vehicular homicide and DUI.

Police had responded to the scene on initial reports of a stalled vehicle; however, when they arrived, it was apparent that the car’s occupants had been injured. Both the injured driver and her 35-year-old passenger were taken to the hospital; the driver died and her passenger was listed in critical condition in a coma.

The surviving family of an accident victim has many options when it comes to filing a claim. There are multiple damages that are often attributed to wrongful death, including medical costs, pain and suffering and funeral expenses, just to name a few. The time following the loss of a loved one is a difficult one; it is often best left to wrongful death attorneys to handle these sorts of details so that the family can at least be relieved of some of these burdens.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Woman injured in I-285 wreck dies,” Tammy Joyner, Feb. 24, 2013