The McDonald’s coffee case has been used for years by so-called “tort reformers” to justify stripping away the average citizen’s Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial. Do you think you know the facts of the case? Do you want to see how those facts have been twisted, distorted and used as propaganda to protect corporations and insurance companies from paying just compensation to innocent, injured people. The Atlanta Film Festival is showing a documentary called “Hot Coffee The Movie” which I encourage you to see. Judge for yourself whether this case is really an example of “jackpot justice” or a case of real negligence with horrible damages that justified the outcome. And I’ll bet you have no idea what the final outcome was if all you know is what you’ve seen in the media. Atlanta Film Festival on May 4th or May 6th If you can’t attend either showing the film will be available on HBO in late May as part of its summer documentary series.