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Motor vehicle crash deaths are swinging in the wrong direction

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about bike and pedestrian safety in the United States. These two groups are vulnerable out on the road, and they have seen rising fatality numbers in the face of declining overall traffic fatalities.

But today we want to talk about motor vehicle accidents, which have been on the decline, generally, for the last decade. However, a recent trend over the last two years has suddenly cast a pall over the positive signs shown over the last decade.

Fatal crash caused by driver with 3 prior DUIs

Any car accident that involves a driver that was intoxicated is tragic and upsetting. But the following story is truly horrible, exemplifying all of the problems and issues that surround drunk driving charges, intoxicated drivers, and the enforcement of the law.

The crash occurred just a few days before Christmas. A mother was driving her car in Gwinnett County when suddenly another vehicle crashed into her head-on. The wreck killed the mother who was returning home from work. The man who was driving the other car had three prior drunk driving charges against him, all from 2011. He is suspected of being intoxicated in this crash as well.

Investigation under way after fatal truck accident

While the following story is from a ways outside of our geographical area here in Atlanta, it still contains important information as it could happen anywhere in the country.

The crash in question happened in Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh. The crash involved a large truck that was carrying coal, and a smaller car. The car was being driven by a 21-year-old man. The truck was rounding a bend in the road but lost control. It isn't clear yet why this happened, but winter weather may have been a factor. In the end, the out of control truck crashed into the car. The resulting accident killed the young man but left the truck driver uninjured.

Why were bike and pedestrian deaths increasing?

Pedestrian and bicycle safety is a pressing matter, but when you hear the phrase "road safety" it is unlikely that bikes and pedestrians are the first thing that comes to mind. You will likely immediately think about car accidents, truck accidents, mass transit accidents, and other vehicles that use gasoline and are powered by mechanical motors. And yet, bicycle and pedestrian deaths made up nearly 18 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2015.

For pedestrians, there were 5,376 deaths in 2015. That is a steep increase over the 4,795 pedestrian deaths that occurred in 2006. And during that ten-year window, total traffic fatalities declined by 18 percent, while pedestrian deaths soared by 12 percent.

Do issues after hernia surgery have you considering legal action?

When you suffer from an injury or other physical medical issue, you may not immediately understand its severity. Though you may notice pain or discomfort, you may think that the pain will subside with time or that the problem does not warrant a trip to the doctor. However, many injuries can worsen without proper treatment, and you may have experienced worsening symptoms of a hernia before you decided to take action.

In order to treat a hernia, surgery is often needed. The idea of undergoing surgery may have seemed daunting, but in hopes of relieving the pain the hernia itself was causing, you chose to move forward with the procedure. Now, however, you may worry that the hernia mesh your surgeon used to repair your injury will cause problems.

Medical malpractice case settled for $2 million

In 2014, a 17-year-old kid was on his way to a leadership conference when he suffered a medical event that was compared to a pulmonary embolism. He later died at a hospital and the case wasn't litigated until the family of the son filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital where their son was treated. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital was negligent in their care of the 17-year-old, and that the physicians were "grossly inaccurate" when they reviewed a kidney ultrasound for the 17-year-old.

Little else is know about the case other than this though. Ultimately the lawsuit was settled out of court for $2 million, a fact that was only uncovered after court documents were filed in November. There are two things to note from this story.

Officials still determining fault after truck and van collide

Last Monday, a devastating accident between a van and a tractor trailer occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. The wreck happened at about 10 a.m. and the circumstances certainly sound like ones that are typical for truck drivers. The driver of the van had a green light and was proceeding through an intersection before being hit by a truck. The driver of the van and one of the passengers were listed in critical condition after the wreck, with two other passengers suffering injuries. The driver of the truck was in stable condition.

Given the photographs from the scene, it is amazing that the injuries weren't worse. However, information regarding fault in this crash still hasn't been released. Officials are still investigating the crash, and hopefully there will be more information soon.

Many reasons why drunk driving accidents are upsetting

Drunk driving is a serious problem in this country, and today we want to talk about it a little bit more on a basic level. Let's discuss two distinct things: what alcohol does to you and why these accidents are so dangerous and problematic.

First, what does alcohol do to you? There are many risks associated with drinking alcohol, but on a fundamental level, alcohol slows your cognitive abilities, impairing your thinking and reducing your muscle coordination. As your blood alcohol concentration increases, you will become more and more likely to be involved in an accident. Your judgement will get worse, your ability to react to changes in traffic will get worse, and your reasoning will become impaired.

Cargo securement issues may contribute to truck accidents

Did you know that commercial haulers should only carry so much weight? Did you know that how truckers place cargo and secure it to their vehicles matters? Well, it is true and when truck accidents happen, investigators often look at these two factors to see if they contributed to the event.

Georgia residents have seen their fair share of truck accidents over the years. They happen all the time. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has put out very specific rules and regulations to which truck drivers and their employers must adhere. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, and accidents take place. When crashes do occur, drivers and employers can hold responsibility for any losses suffered by the victims.

Another school bus accident in Douglas County

Douglas County was, yet again, the scene of an accident involving a school bus. In this particular case, two school buses were actually involved, including one smaller vehicle that was driven by a woman who was killed in the crash.

Details are a bit sparse in this case, but it appears that the woman ran a red light at an intersection and then collided with one of the school buses. That initial collision sent the vehicle spinning off into the second bus. The vehicle was eventually pinned underneath the second bus. The woman was declared dead at the scene. Only one student aboard the buses was injured in the crash, but the injuries do not appear to be serious.

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