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A surgeon's 'bad day' can end a life

If there is one thing we can all agree upon when it comes to the medical field, it is that surgery is an incredibly scary idea. The human body is so vastly complex that even the tiniest mistake or twitch in a doctor's wrist could lead to severe or life-changing damage to the patient. And for the patient, there is no way to ever feel comfortable or happy about being put under the effects of anesthesia.

Now, obviously surgeons are highly trained and skilled because minimizing the possibility of an error is pivotal. But surgeons are human. No matter how much training or experience they have, it is always possible that a surgeon will have an "off" day, or mark the wrong spot for the site of surgery, or leave an instrument in a patient's body.

Accident on I-20 closes freeway, officials investigating

An accident on Interstate 20 in Fulton County has left people with injuries and an unknown number of cars damaged. All we can really tell from the source article is that the freeway had to be closed for a period of time as crews came to clean up the scene. Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what led up to, and caused, the crash. Few other details were made public about the crash.

We didn't select this story for it's incredible detail. Instead, we chose it to show the impact a minor-to-moderate car accident can have on the surrounding community, let alone the people who were actually in the wreck itself.

Another truck accident due to spilled cargo

It was but a few weeks ago that we wrote a post about truck accidents, the cargo they carry, and the often-silly headlines that are made when these issues come into play for an accident. Our source article a few weeks back was related to a truck that was carrying milk, and when the vehicle crashed, all of that cargo tumbled onto the highway.

Today's story is very similar with the only difference being that the cargo being carried was beer cans. The wreck occurred just to the south of Georgia, in Florida. A truck carrying roughly 60,000 pounds on beer cans toppled over on the highway. The 44-year-old truck driver did suffer some minor injuries in the crash, but he is expected to be okay. No one else was injured in the crash.

A dangerous prescription for pharmacy errors

Depending on your doctor's diagnosis, part of your treatment may include one or more prescriptions. After leaving your doctor's office, you go to one of Atlanta's many pharmacies to obtain the medications you need in order to resolve your condition.

Many people consider the fact that a doctor may make an error when it comes to a diagnosis, but you may not realize that pharmacists can make dangerous mistakes as well. When you think about it logically, it makes perfect sense since they are human, but that only adds to the trepidation you now feel about whether you received the prescription your doctor intended.

Many ways that a driver can become distracted

Car accidents, no matter the circumstances, are always going to be frustrating for the people involved. They will always leave people feeling upset, and in many cases the victims of the accident will suffer terrible injuries. Now if you get into the specifics of the wreck, there can be some truly angering details that leave the people involved questioning everything. A driver may have been drunk or intoxicated in some way. A driver may have been operating his or her vehicle in an illegal or unsafe way. Or a driver may have simply not been paying attention.

This inattentive driving is often called distracted driving, and that is often associated with cellphones. And for good reason.

Milk spill from truck accident lights up social media

An amusing truck accident that occurred outside of the United States highlights a particular, but important, part of truck safety. The accident we are talking about today happened in London, and it involved a truck that was carrying a vast quantity of milk cartons. Social media users quickly captured plenty of images of all the milk that spilled across the road. This led to plenty of jokes online, but the real matter involved here is quite serious.

As we've talked about before, there are many different ways that a truck accident can occur. But the accident we're talking about today occupies a very important space in this discussion. The cargo of a truck can play a pivotal role in an accident.

The various ways a medical malpractice case can come about

When you hear the phrase "medical malpractice," what do you picture? In all likelihood, most people will think of a surgical error or a doctor botching a basic procedure. These are obvious cases of medical malpractice, and just because they are the newsworthy and eye-catching, it doesn't make them any less legitimate as cases. But what these examples do is obscure the other equally legitimate cases that qualify as medical malpractice and that what many people suffer from every year.

What kinds of cases are we talking about? Well, take a look at this list:

6 vehicles involved, 9 people injured in chain reaction crash

A portion of Interstate 75 in Marietta, Georgia was blocked yesterday after a terrible chain reaction crash that involved six vehicles. The wreck started when a car hit a semi truck, which then triggered a collision that involved four other vehicles. The first car was trying to change lanes when it hit the truck. This is one of the common reasons why many truck accidents occur: other vehicles turn in front of them in a dangerous way, or that the merge doesn't give the truck driver enough time to react.

Three children were injured in the crash and were transported to a nearby children's hospital. Six adults also suffered injuries that required hospitalization, but none of the injuries suffered by the children or the adults were considered life-threatening.

Speed: a common threat to your safety and well-being

Georgia readers may know that the number of auto accident fatalities in the United States is startlingly high. Some of the reasons for the sobering car accident statistics include everything from distracted driving to intoxicated drivers, but it is important not to overlook speeding. In fact, speed plays a role in a large number of accidents that result in a fatality. 

Many drivers fail to see the dangers of speeding. Driving just a few miles over the posted speed limit can increase the chance of an accident greatly, and it can also increase the severity of any impact that does occur. It is dangerous, preventable and negligent, and it plays a significant part in the dangers of driving in Georgia and across the country.

NFL player arrested for drunk driving, wrong way accident

It shouldn't need to be said, but drunk driving is an awful behavior that can lead to people losing their lives in the most senseless and ridiculous ways possible. Drunk driving can also lead to absurd circumstances out on the road, such as people driving the wrong way out on the road. This is exactly what happened to a professional football player recently, catching headlines across the country.

The accident was caused by New York Jets linebacker Dylan Donahue, who was arrested after the 2 a.m. accident in the Lincoln Tunnel. He drove the wrong way in the tunnel and crashed into a bus, causing damage to both vehicles and injuring four people. None of the injuries are believed to be serious. Donahue was arrested for driving while intoxicated and for reckless driving. His blood alcohol concentration was 0.15.

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