Handling Cases Involving Breaches Of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

Doctor-patient confidentiality is based upon the general principle that a person seeking medical help or advice should not be hindered or inhibited by fear that his or her medical concerns or conditions will be disclosed to others.

Every physician-patient relationship carries with it a duty on the part of the doctor or other health provider to keep patient's information private and refrain from disclosing it to third parties without the patient's consent. Any medical professional that breaches this duty may be liable to for any injury (including embarrassment) the patient suffers as the result of the disclosure. At Mitchell & Shapiro, our medical malpractice attorneys have handled many of these claims.

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Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

The professional duty of doctor-patient confidentiality covers not only what a patient may reveal to a physician, but also may be independently concluded based on examination. Physician-patient privilege extends to all medical records as well as communications between patient and doctor, and includes communications with other medical staff.

The duty of doctor-patient confidentiality continues even after a patient has stopped seeing or being treated by the doctor. Once a doctor is under a duty of confidentiality, he or she cannot divulge any medical information about patients to third persons without patients' consent.

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